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Business Strategy Change / Tough Economy
Tsunami Success™
Surviving & Thriving During Tough Economic Times

These aren't just big waves we are surfing, these are tsunamis… and you need to learn to surf them fast.

Business is turbulent. The market is tough. And, only the strong survive. It's time to get up on your board and communicate confidence to your employees, customers and the market.

Pam Gilchrist will tell you what it takes to surf the big waves in business and life© – in her popular keynote speech. For 25 years she's been leading businesses through dramatic change and growth. Her keynote speech "Tsunami Success"™ gives leaders tips on how to carefully capitalize on opportunities, face the future head on, innovate instantly and become the "go-to" leader in their industry.

Through her company, Strategy∼Link, she helps businesses not only survive, but thrive, in this tough economic climate.

CHANGE— Ready, Set...

Expert Influence™
How Thought Leadership Drives Business

In a tough economy, the experts who successfully market their influence win a bigger game. Learn the secrets of leveraging thought leadership with industry groups and trade media. Pam will show you how a trifecta of techniques pays off for her clients and will explain why they are absolutely the most powerful, proven PR & marketing tools for B2B.

Shop Talk: Run Your Business Better

How to actually work "on" not "in" your business — from marketing to bookkeeping, Pam shows you the 20% that really matters for better results.

Brand Like The Big Dogs Without The Big Budget
Spend less, get more. While social marketing seems new, it's been Pam's award-winning value proposition for 25 years. Learn how to make your message clear, compelling and credible. Find out why behavioral communications works.

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