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Tweet That!

Build Your Personal Brand A Tweet At A Time

Connection, collaboration and communication have radically changed with the advent of social marketing. This program will bring you up to speed on social networking sites and show you how to engage in authentic conversations, work smarter, build your network and enhance your personal brand. This program covers social networking sites such as Twitter, Linked In and Facebook.

Behavior in the Workplace

Why People Click or Conflict — And What To Do About It

Whiners, correctors, pleasers, competitors, bullies — they surround you and hamper your team's effectiveness. Learn the underlying drivers to their behavior. Reduce conflicts and gain buy-in faster. As a Certified Personality Trainer, Pam reveals universal personality types and offers Instant Messages that dramatically improve team effectiveness.

Leadership & Ethical Dilemmas

Here's the back story on ethical dilemmas. Learn from a Certified Personality Trainer how organizational context and leadership styles influence decision-making for better or worse.

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