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Reach Influencers ~ Cement Customer Loyalty ~ Engage Employees

Three word pairs.
Are they working for you?

Done right, they drive results. Executed poorly, you lose your edge, your margin . . . maybe even your business. And you thought teaching an elephant to rhumba was tough.

For years, growing companies have turned to PR-Link to help them create profitable business value. We are a team of top business strategists. Our communications programs are successful because they're based on deep, insider business experience and industry knowledge. Our proven strategies include a blend of management consulting and behavioral public relations.

Here are a few recent examples that we've achieved for clients:

  • National integrated solutions company: 1000% ROI
  • Global computer hardware company: 700% ROI
  • Global computer software company: 543% increase
  • Regional travel organization: 234% increase

Crazy results? Not really. Public relations offers the best dollar for dollar return on ROI of any marketing endeavor. Millions of marketing dollars are wasted each year on ineffective collateral and advertising campaigns. One expert and author states that companies could cut their mar/com budgets by 50% and still increase ROI if they simply channeled those dollars into more effective public relations and communications programs

When experts say positive things about your organization, customers can't get enough of your products and services, and you have high-performing employee teams . . . it's rhumba time. Clear, consistent, compelling communication is the primary underlying driver that results in these desired behaviors among core constituents.

PR~Link helps you build your corporate reputation and strengthen your stakeholder relationships. We've earned the trust and respect of our clients, colleagues and community by consistently providing context, clarity and credibility.

PR~Link Founder Pamela Gilchrist Corson has nearly 25 years of global, national and regional experience. Our team is nimble, knowledgeable and easy to work with, but, deadly serious when it comes to getting results for our clients. Our internationally award-winning work and direct experience with hundreds of C-suite executives gives us our competitive edge. We've been in the trenches — in your industry.

Some of our industry expertise includes: Fortune 500/1000 (public & private); extensive business to business and high-technology experience; manufacturing; distribution; engineering; construction; financial services; health & wellness; telecommunications; sustainable (green) products, and author/speaker promotion. We've worked with organizations ranging from start-ups launching IPO's to global Fortune 100s.

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